Our Services

Comprehensive Financial Plan

We will work with you to develop a holistic, personal financial plan over the course of one year. We will break down the financial planning process into manageable pieces to make it easier for you to follow through with recommendations and steadily progress toward achieving your financial goals. Under this plan we will typically have six to eight scheduled meetings in this first year depending on your individual situation. In addition to scheduled face-to-face meetings, additional e-mail and/or phone consultations are included at no additional charge. In renewal years, meetings are generally less frequent and topics are combined.

Fees are calculated based on your income, assets and the overall complexity of your financial situation. We only offer this service to clients who we expect to receive benefits that would exceed our fee.

Limited Engagement

Limited engagement services are narrower in scope and usually focus on two or more areas of financial planning that particularly concern you. The service includes face-to- face consultations as well as written recommendations following the consultations. A limited engagement project does not constitute a comprehensive plan but it might be all that you need.

Fees are based on the complexity of the issues to be addressed.

maze-gray-200Areas that are often addressed in both our comprehensive plan and limited engagement assignments include:

Goals and Values.  Your goals and values are the foundation on which your personal financial plan is built.  Everything else is coordinated so that you can achieve your goals while remaining true to your values.

Risk Management.  Determining how much insurance coverage you need, what risks you can afford to self-insure, where you should buy your insurance, how much you should pay for it, and understanding and maximizing your employee benefit package are vitally important to your financial security.

estateplan-250Estate Planning.  Estate planning goes well beyond making a will. It may involve naming a guardian for minor children, making provisions for dependents with special needs, addressing medical directives and other end-of-life considerations, minimizing estate taxes, determining when a trust is appropriate, and documenting vital financial data. We will help you consider choices you can then implement with your attorney.

Tax Planning.  You don’t have a choice about paying taxes, but you can avoid making the mistake of overpaying them.  Tax planning helps to lawfully structure your income and take advantage of the adjustments, deductions, and credits for which you qualify so that you pay only what you owe when you owe it.

taxform1Portfolio Analysis.  We compile a complete inventory of your investments and analyze each for costs, tax efficiency, performance, risk, and diversification.  We help you to understand what you have and whether what you have is appropriate for you.

Investment Allocation.  Based on your tolerance for risk and other important factors, we create an overall net worth growth or preservation plan that helps to protect you during market downswings and helps you to fully participate in times of prosperity.

Investment Implementation.  No matter which investment custodian you use, we work with you so that the changes we agree on are made correctly and on a timely basis.

retirement nest makeupRetirement Planning.  Retirement planning is more than simply ensuring that you won’t outlive your money.  It also involves the timing of benefits, including Social Security, and – beyond the money aspects – it’s about how you will make your retirement years personally fulfilling and enjoyable.

Cash Flow Planning.  Deciding in advance how you will spend your money ensures you are making regular progress toward financial independence and keeps your plan on track. If you are dealing with debt and spending issues, we will help you set priorities and gain control over your money.

grad-caps-000004407014-smEducation Funding.  If you have children or grandchildren, identifying the right mix of financing alternatives and maximizing their use is a complex and confusing process, but there are ways for families of any income level to effectively save for future college costs.

Ongoing Consultation.  In addition to the areas that you specifically identify, under the comprehensive plan format, we are also available to advise you on other financial matters that might arise.